Crosara Design - Custom Furniture Design

I learned the art of upholstery from my father, which was in business as upholster for his entire life. After worked for more than 25 years around the world I decide to open a Headboardsolution to offer high quality  custom services.

Headboardsolution, provides not only upholstering, but also restoration and design services to the trade. We take each piece from frame to completion. Not only does Heahboardsolution inspect the piece at every step, but the designer (and, if possible, the client), is called in to inspect the item before it receives the final fabric. Any necessary adjustment will be made to ensure the customer’s comfort, such as changing the depth of the seat, or making a firmer or softer cushion.

Traditional techniques include the use of only hardwood for the frames and coil springs double tied ten ways. Pieces are double-stuffed and upholstered in muslin before final upholstery. The best feather down is used for cushions. Local designers have admired and supported Headboadsolution’s work since us starting it.